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We can  tell you how we make  our chips and pasta  with technology  Blockchain. 

Our history

It begins thousands of years ago, when the millenary inputs that we offer were already part of the daily diet of our ancestors.

We go back to the ancestral customs to bring them to our present, trusting in the wealth and the good treatment of all our foods to offer all the families of the world, quality, nutritious products without chemical treatments.

We are committed to a healthy and transparent consumption, revealing our processes. But we also bet on the farmer, the entrepreneur, the businessman, on them whom we call heroes. Heroes who are often the least considered in the value chain. We do value their work and that is why we apply the concept of fair trade.

At Tiyapuy, we are committed to continuing to grow our history to bring the best products to your home.

We use Blockchain technology

We invite you to scan the QR code that you will see in our packaging of native potato chips and / or organic quinoa pasta so that you can experience this new environment of transparency and traceability of our products. You will be surprise when you will do it.

You can also find us in supermarkets: Wong, Vivanda, Flora y Fauna, other supermarkets, shops and grocery store.

One second! There is something else we want to tell you. We are also abroad. Find us in Switzerland at the Pikante restaurant and at El Maiz; in New York at the Louis outlet (215 Chrystie St, Manhattan, Public Hotel); and México at Patio orgánico store 

We use Blockchain technology

Biodiversity Chain

We all win with the WIN WIN²

We are faced with a constant win win marketing strategy where two parties involved obtain benefits. In most cases, these benefits are directed towards a consumer and a company; however, this scenario evolves from our business dynamics.

Tiyapuy bets for the win win². This means that there is a 'win' that benefits the company but there is also a win2 that enriches the consumer and also the farmer. This is important and necessary for us. Our company is committed to fair trade, for the recognition we give to our heroes, the farmers.

We all win with the WIN WIN²