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Peruvian heroes 

We are based on ​to fair trade and the appreciation of our farmers. 

Anibal Prado

Peruvians consume an average of 11 kg of pasta per year, it is a staple in our diet and from now on it will be a complement full of flavor and spectacular properties for your health.

My name is Anibal Prado and I am going to introduce you to our pasta.

I am a native of Ayacucho and my dream is for people to have nutritious food on the tables of their homes.

It all started at lunch with my pregnant wife, while we ate pasta. At that moment I knew that we needed a product with the necessary nutrients for a healthy life and that are part of the daily diet of all of us.

I invite you to know TIYAPUY - SEED OF THE WORLD.

Edilberto Soto

They are all tasty, each one has a peculiar and unique flavor, they are treasures with multiple properties and nutritional benefits. We are talking about the native potato.

My name is Edilberto Soto and today, together, we begin to mark a new stage in the consumption of this magnificent food.

In Ayacucho, our grandparents They taught us not to do intensive cultivation of native potatoes, that is, to keep it organic and free of chemicals. Proudly Ayacucho farmer with more than 30 years cultivating our exclusive native potatoes for the world.

Gustavo Jáuregui

In our land, we grow an ancient grain, the golden grain of the Andes, quinoa! And together, we are going to take it to every home in Peru and in the world.

My name is Gustavo Jáuregui, I am from Ayacucho with great pride and I have been working with quinoa for more than 25 years.

After the international year of quinoa, which was in 2013, the Consumption of this valuable food increased in a very positive way for our country and for the people who work in their fields.

I invite you to know TIYAPUY - SEED OF THE WORLD

Our stamps are the DNA of Tiyapuy.